10/10 Because Only We Can

10/10 because only we can

The concept in designing the structure of the C-Valve is to enable a piston regulating valve to operate in a wide range of pressures and flow rates.
The innovation in its design is its ability to regulate the pressure in a significantly wide range in a ratio of 10:1 while being able to perform when the flow rates are fluctuating in a ratio of 10:1 
This enables only the C–Valve control valve to replace TWO control valves of other big companies, and accurately reduce the pressure from 15ATM. To 1.5ATM.

All this is made possible, because only we can regulate pressure in fluctuating flow rates in a ratio of 10:1

Among the many other advantages of the valve you can find:
  • A very low head loss, Energy saving and stable regulation
  • High resistance to cavitation 
  • High corrosion and erosion resistance
  • Quick fully opening / closing times: 1-4sec

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