High-rise Buildings

High-rise Buildings

C-Valves offers valve solutions with significant benefits for high rise construction, including easy installation, low noise level and stable water supply throughout the building.
Pumps and booster valves push the water in high-rise building to a pool on the roof. Pool, Float or Altitude Valves control the pool`s water level and Pressure Reducing Values (PRVs) maintain water pressure as water is distributed throughout the system. When you need PRVs for high-rise construction, you need the benefits that C-Valves delivers:

• Low noise level enabled by linear flow. 

• Easy to maintain. In-line symmetrical valves can be positioned at any required position (only the control trim has to be turned to the required direction). 

• Easy installation, thanks to the relatively low weight and small size of the valve. 

• Great control and stable pressure, for minimum wear on the building`s water system. 

In a competitive real estate environment where you need to control construction and operation costs, function in confined spaces, meet noise targets, and preserve equipment and infrastructure from damage caused by pressure surges, C-Valves delivers the solutions that you need.
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