Pressure Flow Regulation - PFR

Pressure Flow Regulation - PFR
Application Scheme
The Pressure Flow Regulator (PFR) adjusts downstream pressure relative to demand. The PFR modulates a C-Valves Pressure Reducing Valve using a hydraulic feedback loop. 

The PFR uses a C-Valve piston actuated valve and is controlled by a 3 Way Pilot Base Plate. C-Valves PRV can be used with M1 Valves (NC or NO), M3 Valves (NO), or Multi-Valves (NC or NO). 

Size range from DN 50/2" to DN 400/16". Parallel configurations available. 
•M1 Valve DN 100/4" to DN 400/16" 
•M3 Valve DN 50/2" to DN 80/16" 
•B-Parallel DN150/6" to DN200/8" 
The PFR requires only an additional command pipe connection and an orifice plate within the coupling upstream of the valve. 

The C-Valves piston actuated valve and pilot base plate are precision engineered for working together to deliver optimum performance.
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