Client specified default (NO or NC) 
The M1 piston actuated valve is available as Normally Closed (NC) or Normally Open (NO). The M3 Valve is available as Normally Open. 
•Choose Normally Closed when your main concern is avoiding bursts. The valve will fail-safe close - avoiding damage to your infrastructure and to customers from excessive pressure. 
•Choose Normally Open when your main concern is uninterrupted water supply. In the absence of water pressure the valve will fail-safe open, allowing for full inlet pressure into the system. 
Easy connections to all types of pipe-ends 
Bolted couplings connect to all types of pipe-ends, including: reducers, flanges (ISO-DIN, AS or ANSI), or welded connections. Couplings are flexible, easily removed and are tolerant to misalignment. 

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