C-Valves is a trusted supplier of field-proven, innovative applications that serve the water, desalination and wastewater treatment industries.

C-Valves delivers valves and controls that reduce unaccounted for water our most important natural resource. C-Valves maintains steady water flow with minimal turbulence, saving water while reducing maintenance costs and minimizing bursts.

• Water loss reduction through leakage by quickly and smoothly adjusting system pressure to its correct level. (Stand-alone dynamic pressure regulation according to water consumption also available.)

• Burst minimization through less wear and tear, thanks to C‑Valves enabled stable hydraulic conditions (pressure and flow).

• Reduced turbulence, thanks to C-Valves enabled improved hydraulic conditions, extends the life of your infrastructure through less wear and tear. 

• C-Valves avoids the intense fluctuations in water supply that can cause damage to your customers.

C-Valves systems, constructed from non-metallic materials, withstand highly corrosive environments. Compared to valves manufactured from expensive alloys, C-Valves delivers robust solutions at a fraction of the cost. 
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